When I was in office, my job was to build cases on behalf of the people of Medina County.  Now, I feel its my duty to present evidence to the voters of Medina County. 

Prosecutors are the County's top law enforcement officials... As such, they need to have a clean, above-reproach record. 

Sadly, our current Prosecutor does not.

S. Forrest Thompson held in contempt of court for $14,400 of unpaid child support in 2011
Case No. 09 DR 0189  - part 1
S. Forrest Thompson STILL in arrears for child support in 2018, after becoming Prosecutor
Case No. 09 DR 0189  - part 2
S. Forrest Thompson "knowingly and fraudulently concealed real property" in PA during his bankruptcy proceedings
Case No. 11-52107 MSS, pg. 4
S. Forrest Thompson's failure to disclose property/income/financial documents "demonstrates an attempt to avoid dealing fairly and honestly" & acts "in bad faith".
Case No. 11-52107 MSS, pg. 9

For Safety & Justice

General Election is

Tuesday, November 3.

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